Beyond Grammacello

I LOVE the card my husband gave me!

I am starting a new blog for my last year of teaching-that is, of being “Grammacello”. I am thinking almost all the time about what my life will look like when the job I have loved is over-my choice-after 37 years. I am planning one last year of teaching and retirement a year from now. But I am finding it hard to imagine the shape of my days without it.

This is new blog for my last year as a cello teacher and as a working person. That is the plan anyway. It seems awfully…..synchronistic, or something, that this group has just been formed by Jon, who is also contemplating the meaningful life. My other blog is a utilitarian, what-is-happening-in-the-cello-studio bulletin board/newsletter sort of thing that is really useful but not at all the right place for what I want to do. Hence, a new blog for a new year.

64 is fun


One thought on “Beyond Grammacello

  1. Hi Joanne, how did your blog arrive on my computer? Cool! I just read every blog above this backwards to this one. I hope this comment gets to you. You are an excellent writer. Perhaps this is your newest calling now that you are retired. I went to the Spring concert of Martha’s school at the new massive Knox Church (they now leave out the “Presbyterian”, I noticed, but some will figure it out from “Knox”) but I too digress. My Margie went with me and we sat in the back row. It took me back, that’s for sure. I better not start on my kids but one thing I must say is that music has enriched their lives massively into their adult years still. Lets keep in touch. I’m on facebook as marionsuevoelkermansell. Thanks for the great read and hope to follow your writings. Say hi to John for me. Cheers, Sue

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