Music Camp blues

I have not posted since last week. These ten days are the most exhausting of my year.
My daughter and two eldest grandchildren are visiting from the west coast. Add a forty something Mom, a 12 year old boy and an 8 year old girl to the small home of two sixty-something grandparents with three dogs and wow, it is ……not our usual scene!
I am used to kids. I have been teaching twenty some odd cello students at any given time in the last 36 years. I know four year olds. I know teenagers. But they go home at the end of the lesson! We are….tired, and stressed, as good as it is to have them here and as much as I love them.
I will write more about this, but for now, some moments.
Bobbing around the hot tub with M, age 8. Nice.
Practising a tricky Dave Brubeck piece arranged for 6 cellos with K, 12. Nice. Both of us, heads together with our cellos. Wonderful! This year, he has become a better cellist in some ways than I am!
Amazing. So moving to play together.
Morning scramble to get out the door and to camp on time. Big hassle, but better than last year. I have taught at this camp for 30 years and this is the first time I have sat on the camp committee but not taught at camp, the beginning of my not teaching experiment. I spend the day watching classes, chatting with my daughter, chatting with colleagues and the families of students, observing some lessons, helping lost students figure out where they belong.
Someone I see only at this annual camp, who does not know that this is my first year just attending camp and not teaching, said, “You look so happy and relaxed this year! It’s amazing”
I need to let go of the idea that each post must be a perfect essay.
More later. For now, a post from Chaos Central!


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